When you are looking to buy a bed - do you wonder:
What’s In This Mattress?

BedFax is a service provided by the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) to provide consumers with transparent information and education on what is inside their mattresses and allows manufacturers to demonstrate their commitment to transparency.

GoodBed's PSA to raise awareness of BedFax, a consumer labeling program owned by an independent non-profit organization that is designed to promote greater transparency in the mattress industry surrounding mattress materials and certifications. At GoodBed, we fundamentally believe that increased transparency is always a win -- both for consumers and for those companies who are doing the 'right things' by selling quality products and standing behind them.Write here...

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When we shop we look at labels.
There is a new level of comfort when contents are listed and verified.

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The BEDFAX® program is about Transparency In Marketing. Surveys show that nearly 1 in 3 mattress buyers wants to know the contents of the mattress.

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The Specialty Sleep Association’s BEDFAX® is a third-party voluntary industry “verification” system that allows manufacturers to identify the contents of their mattress products and help the customer clarify her buying process.


Why Bedfax?

✓ Verified Ingredients

✓ Glossary of Terms

✓ Consumer Education

✓ Manufacturer Listing

✓ Retailer Tools

Verified Mattresses meet Bedfax Program specifications for component material disclosure and truth in marketing.


Mattress buying can be confusing, Bedfax can help.