A  Bedfax  Label on a mattress tells you what is in the mattress you will bring into your home.

Bedfax® is a service provided by the non-profit Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) to provide consumers with transparent information and education on what is inside their mattresses, and allows manufacturers to demonstrate their commitment to transparency.


SSA President explains how the Bedfax Program makes buying a bed easier



It is commonplace in every category – when we are shopping we look at labels.  We want to know what makes up the product we are choosing to buy, and we feel better knowing that the ingredients have been verified by more than the company marketing the product.

The Bedfax® Contents Consumer Disclosure Label (CDL) is a consumer’s assurance that the components of the mattress have been documented by the manufacturer and verified by a third-party organization.


    When you are looking at buying a mattress, you are looking at types of mattresses that

  1. you find most comfortable (Innerspring, Foam, Water, Gel, etc),
  2. fit into your present budget
  3. you are confident are made of materials that you feel good about having next to your body (and/or your child’s body) for 33% of your daily life.