Glossary: Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) 

A standard for the sustainable processing methods of latex products from their original organic material. This includes standards for processing, manufacturing, packing, labeling, trading and distribution of latex products. In addition this standard also focuses on human health, safety and welfare, and environment in the manufacturing process of latex products.  Source: GOLS.

GOLS has been introduced to ensure a sound supervision procedure of the route from field level/farmer level to the certified organic latex product manufacturer.

There are several factors that should be mentioned with regards to this standard. The manufacturers that may produce organic products under the GOLS logo would have to follow the social and environmental regulations made mandatory through the standard. Moreover, this will make the final consumer socially and environmentally responsible indirectly,

Consistency of the quality is one of the key focuses of this standard. To prevent introduction of ‘falsely certified’ products in to the market is one of the prime objectives of this standard. It will protect the final consumer from being exposed to bogus products, while on the other hand will safeguard the certified organic latex related manufacturers who follows the acceptable procedures in their manufacturing processes. This standard describes the minimum requirements to achieve GOLS certification for Latex collection points, Centrifuging, manufacturing and processing units, retailers and brand owners. The standard covers the requirements of processing, traceability, separation, identification, record keeping, quality control, environmental management, social compliance, labeling and distribution of semi-processed and processed final products made from certified natural rubber latex from organic origin.

Each Latex collection points, Centrifuging, manufacturing and processing units, retailers and brand owners shall be audited (on-site) according to the standard (GOLS) annually in order to maintain GOLS Certification.

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