Glossary: Instituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale (ICEA)

ICEA, Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute, is a Consortium that control and certifies companies that carry out their activities in respect of people and nature, defending workers dignity and rights of consumers.

With around 13 thousand controlled companies with strong ethical, environmental and social value, 300 technicians and 28 Territorial Operative Structures in Italy and abroad, ICEA is among most important bodies of the sector in Italy and in Europe, where it operates to favour a fair and socially sustainable development that ranges from organic farming to other bio related sectors.  

As a matter of fact ICEA certifications cover Food (organic food production and organic aquaculture) Non-Food, (organic cosmetics and detergents, ecological textile, ecologic furnishing, materials for eco-building, sustainable management of green areas, certification SA8000).

Moreover ICEA carries out Research & Development activities to promote ecological innovation of products and processes, Training activity meant for operators and technicians/professionals of the organic sector, and is active in different projects of International Cooperation, other than being active on the national level. ICEA together with BIOL Italia organizes Prizes, Events and Campaigns of awareness rising to spread and share culture, knowledge and values linked to organic.