Glossary: SACERT Soil Association Certification

Soil Association Certification Limited is the wholly owned subsidiary of the Soil Association. Over 70% of all organic products now sold in the UK carry the Soil Association symbol. We are the UK’s largest organic certification body. Our team of certification officers, technical staff and inspectors are experienced and dedicated. Working nationally and internationally, we provide unrivalled support, before, during and after certification.

The Soil Association’s organic standards are more exacting than those set by either EU or UK authorities. These standards put our principles into action, and are based on respect and integrity - not profit.

Financial surplus from certification work is ploughed back into developing the organic movement - and its market, through our owning body Soil Association.

Our long-standing expertise is just one of the things that sets us apart from other certification bodies. We have been certifying product since 1973 and we are able to offer our licensees an unrivalled service, technical knowledge and guidance through - and beyond - the certification process.

With our symbol on your packaging, you are sending a clear message to consumers that your products meet a strict set of organic standards.