Glossary: Sustainable Furnishings Council

A green furnishings organization, Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) is a non-profit coalition of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and designers formed to promote sustainable practices within the furnishings industry. In 2008, SFC launched a public advertising and in-store tagging program for consumers to identify retailers and products that exceed SFC threshold sustainability standards. SFC maintains three levels: Standard for retailers and manufacturers committed to improve their sustainability performance, Exemplary for retailers and manufacturers meeting or exceeding proven levels of performance, and the Designer specifically aimed at furniture designers. The Exemplary Level addresses: reducing Stockholm chemicals throughout supply chain; life cycle certification; reuse and end of life management; social equity; independent third party audited Social Equity Supplier Conduct; educational content for climate change; use of Green-e certified renewable energy; tree-free approach to all documents; recycling and reduced packaging; and innovation credits.