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Glossary: environmental product declarations (EPDs)

environmental product declarations (EPDs): quantified environmental data for a product with pre-set categories of parameters based on the ISO 14040 series of standards, but not excluding 5 additional environmental information. Source: ISO 14025. In short, EPDs are eco-labels that disclose environmental performance of products and services over their life cycle. EPDs address and declare information about:

1) manufacturing - what raw materials, other resources and energy are used and what emissions are generated.

2) distribution - is a significant amount of energy used getting the product to market.

3) use - does the product consume energy and water when used, or does it generate emissions.

4) end-of-life - can the product be reused, recovered or recycled, or if it goes to landfill, what is its environmental impact? EPDs present qualified environmental data based on information from a life cycle assessment (LCA) conducted according to the ISO standards for LCA (ISO 14025).