What is verified:

The Bedfax® Contents Consumer Disclosure Label (CDL) clarifies the content of the mattress Fabric, Quilt and Core; or other categories approved by the Program Administrators.

CDL 2018 EXAMPLE.jpg
  1. Top Fabric – top layer of mattress fabric
  2. Fabric – outer top layer and cloth pilings
  3. Quilt/Fill – anything under the topper layers (e.g., the “comfort layer”, wool, cotton, foam, low-profile springs in topper, etc.)
  4. Core – substance layer (e.g., innersprings – open and encased, PU foam, latex foam, wool, horse hair, air-core, gel foam, steel springs, etc.)
  5. Fire Retardant (FR) Barrier – type of barrier used and location
  6. Third-party certifications achieved – according with each certification body’s requirements

The Bedfax Contents Consumer Disclosure Label (CDL) is your assurance that the components of the mattress have been documented by the manufacturer and verified by a third-party organization.

The Bedfax CDL assures you that the manufacturer of the mattress has submitted appropriate documentation to substantiate the contents claims made on the Label.